"How to Find Your Soulmate: 5 steps"

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"Many people feel that there's one person out there who can enrich your life in a way that no one else can. If this is true, how can you increase your chances of finding this person? And when you meet him or her, how will you know it's your soulmate?" I'd like to share this article that some day I came across from wikiHow with you guys. I quite agree with the author's ideas. It's down-to-earth but meaningful. Here are the ideas:

"Make yourself a better person. Instead of waiting for your soulmate to appear, make yourself apparent to him or her. Become the spectacular human being you want to be. Expressing your individuality is the closest you can come to advertising your soulmate potential.

Remember that your soulmate might not be what you expect. If there's only one person in the world who can be your soulmate, what are the chances that she'll live in your town, look like the people you grew up with, or even speak the same language? If you're expecting your soulmate to be love at first sight, you might never find what you're looking for. So keep an open mind.

Be patient. Fate doesn't work on a schedule. Your soulmate might cross your path when you're 8 or 80 years old. Yes, you might look forward to spending the majority of your life with your soulmate--perhaps buying a house, getting married, starting a family--but it may or may not be in the cards. A soulmate isn't always a lifemate.

Accept people for who they are, not who you want them to be. Whoever it is that you think might be your soulmate, appreciate their individuality and trust that if this person is your soulmate, they'll never need to change who they are for you, just like you'll never need to change who you are for them.

Weather the storms. Contrary to what popular media would have you believe, meeting your soulmate doesn't guarantee "happily ever after." Things won't get easier when you find that special someone and in fact, they might get even harder. Ultimately, a soulmate is someone you can grow with, and the only way to grow together is to face challenges together."

The other day, I accidentally got a word from a Chinese Buddhist Master. He said that a woman can manage her happiness only by herself. I think that Master means the same with the author about How to Find Your Best Husband. How smart they are!

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how to find your soulmate   says: 2012/7/18 6:05:09
Yes I do agree you have to be patient, in fact the more you can "Let Go" the faster the results.

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