Do You Feel Bored To Be A Housewife

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With the development of science and technology, more and more men know how to greatly make use of internet and therefore, they know how to make good money either online or in real life. Meanwhile most women leave their good jobs and willing to be a housewife for the sake of their husband’s better jobs. I am a housewife and have a beloved husband here and love to share how to make your life interesting alone at home?

1) Cooking: At the first time, it was really puzzled for me what and how to cook for my husband, fortunately my husband brought me a receipt book called "Napa Rima Girls' High School Cookbook". And it turned out to be easy to follow and helpful.

2) Cleaning: Don't all housewives do this? In my opinion, most of them do that, as hiring a maid would be costly, right?

3) Reading: One should never have too old or too busy to read, especially housewives, otherwise we will be abandoned either by our husbands or society; I advise you read some good books if you feel much more time after finishing your duty as a wife, which can perfectly enhance our inner personality, and keep your wisdom always.

4) online Addiction: This is something that takes up the majority of my time, One day while online browsing, I discovered a website called and found a mini dress which should be wore at home, I paid that dress for the surprise I want to give him, as I still remember my close friend said me some other day, keeping beauty and charming even though I am at home every day so that my husband will never lose interest in me.  

5) Doing Yoga: Doing Yoga sometimes besides your daily work is essential which can not only drive your boring time away but also make you elegant temperament and enrich your leisure time. Why not have a try?

6) Watching TV: Maybe it’s the most frequent thing our wives do, but watching TV would make us lack of doing exercise therefore gains a big belly and becomes obese. Nothing can be beneficial for you if you sit there watching TV for hours.

Okay so people, housewives or even work at home wives have many things to do and based on their interests this could be just about anything. So try not to be too judgmental! I think it's a job like any other ones. And of course, I left out the bedroom action part with a T-panty set :-) So maybe other housewives can let me know what they think - do people always say you're lucky to be home all day and what do you do all day? Just wonder.

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